​​California Hamster Association

Our club was founded by Linda Price, our President Emeritus.  We had our first show on May 13, 2000, and she set the precedent for what the CHA is today. Linda additionally started AAA Hamsters, her ethical hamstery that inspired and ultimately mentored many other breeders. 

Our first shows were held in the aisles of various pet stores, with a few core members and various passersby. We eventually went on to piggyback off of AFRMA shows, asking their members to bring along their hamsters to be judged. Soon we grew too big for that venure and branched off to hold our own shows! At our peak, the CHA saw dozens of people and hamsters at each show and represented several extremely competent breeders. This included Nichole Royer (Tarot), Jane Landis (who wrote many original articles), and Amy Wu of Moxie Hamstery. We are lucky to say that Amy is still a part of us today! Other foundation lines came from Janice of Holmden Hill Haven. 

In 2016, Linda officially retired as President of CHA, and passed her hat (and hamsters!) onto Tony and Erin of Cheeks and Squeaks Hamsters. They held their first show, with Amy's help, in October 2015 and have been going ever since!

Our overall mission is to raise awareness and promote proper hamster care to hamster owners, to improve and enhance care backed up by the latest scientific research, and to raise and maintain high breeding ethics and standards. Through Hamster Shows and educational events, we are striving to make a significant contribution to the hamster fancy. 

The History of CHA