​​California Hamster Association


The CHA stands for ethical breeding, and ethical breeding only. We do not tolerate anything less than the utmost respect for hamsters as a species, the most upstanding morals in doing so, and sound and admirable reasoning in choosing hamster breeding as a hobby.

Looking for an ethical breeder?

Those looking for an ethical breeder may find our breeder listing section helpful, as these are the only breeders we currently recommend and stand behind. Alternatively, we have formulated a What is an Ethical Breeder? section to help you find other acceptable people in the hobby.

Are you an ethical breeder?

Breeders may choose to peruse and adhere to our Code of Ethics, but may link to it on their websites and social media pages ONLY if they intend to follow every component. Please write to us if you would like to be featured on our ethical breeder listing page.