​​California Hamster Association

Kaytee Critter Trail Super Habitat

The Kaytee Crittertrail Super Habitat is a very special cage to us. In 2017, the Pipsqueakery, a rodent rescue in Indiana, started a petition asking Kaytee (being known for their tiny crittertrail cages) to create more suitable products for hamsters. Kaytee responded in kind by reaching out to the Pipsqueakery, sending a representative to their location to chat about necessary changes, and making this cage and some other products in response to their criticisms and input.


We also got the chance to chat with Kaytee at the 2018 OC Pet Expo, where we viewed the demo cage and made some great connections. We learned that Kaytee is truly interested in animal welfare and is interested in making more improvements in the future, with our input.


This cage stands as a reminder of all that we are working toward. It represents the fact that a big company is taking steps to break the stigma of hamsters being throwaway pets. We are so proud of their efforts and hope that you support them!


The Kaytee Crittertrail Super Habitat is available here.


  • Easiest cage to find!
  • Ramp provides nice hiding space
  • See through plastic to watch all of your hamster's antics!
  • Purchase supports an awesome company (see below)


  • Pricey
  • Door is a bit fiddly and wire could be stronger
  • Difficult to place a water bottle
  • Not quite 450 square inches (more like 400)
  • Best for dwarves, not recommended for Syrians.